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The cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean provide the best quality lobsters (Homarus Americanus) in the world. The flesh is white and firm and the meat distinguishes itself by its wonderful sweet taste.


Whole Netted Lobster

Raw, Blanched or Cooked Lobster netted 

  • Graded in 50g increments
  • Sizes 300g-800g
  • Bulk packed in 1 x 5 kg net weight box
Popsicles or Whole cooked lobster in brine

Whole cooked lobster frozen in brine and packed in individual plastic sleeves to provide protection known as “Popsicle pack”

  • Sizes – 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600g
  • Packed 10 units per master
  • Ingredients: Lobster, Water, Salt

Special steam cooked process “au naturel” the most exquisite presentation of a lobster

  • A unique patented process
  • Skin pack – 2 years shelf life – barrier materials
  • Double or solo pack
  • Available in 300g, 350g, 400g and 450g
  • Raw, blanched or cooked
Split lobsters

The lobster are processed and split from live seasoned lobster to ensure top quality. They are then vacuum packed and fast frozen to ensure freshness and integrity.


Frozen raw or cooked tails in their shell
  • Sizes: 2-3oz, 3oz, 3-4oz, 4oz, 4-5oz 5-6oz 6-7oz and up……..
  • Bulk Packed in 10 lb 4.54 kg per master cartons
  • Ideal for Foodservice and retail. Assured plate count and portion control.
  • Packed “au naturel” without glazing
Frozen Split lobster tails

The lobster tails are processed and split from live seasoned lobster to ensure top quality. They are then vacuum packed and fast frozen to ensure freshness and integrity.

Lobster scored claws & arms

The lobster claws are cooked in the shell and then scored in three places before being frozen.

  • Steam cooked
  • Ready-to-eat
  • “A real crowd pleaser ” Ideal for parties, buffets and large gatherings
  • Bulk packed in 4 lb-1.8 kg bags


The ultimate lobster meat 100% natural. No additives, no preservatives and no cartilage. Available is every form imaginable, attractively packaged and totally visible on all side. The lobster is cooked and the meat is picked out of the shell, then packed in vacuum sealed pouches/bags or trays.

Sogel Claws meat

The lobster are steamed cooked then pre-cooled in iced sea water. The lobsters are then broken by hand and the meat from the claw is removed from the shell and the cartilage then be packed in 1 lb. (454g) tray or 2lbs (907g) vacuum sealed bag.

Sogel Tails meat

Packed in tray 8/10 tails meat

Sogel Deli-Magic

Designed by chefs for chefs

A controlled portion :

  • 6 claws (cartilage removed) 60%
  • knuckle meat 40%
  • 100 % natural – no additives
  • Vacuum sealed skin tray


Sogel Chef Supreme

Designed by chefs for chefs

A controlled portion for food service and supermarkets.

The meat of 2 whole lobsters :

  • 2 deveined tails
  • 4 claws (cartilage free)
  • lobster meat



Lobster canned meat

Frozen Lobster meats in 11.3 oz / 320 g tins (cans)

  • Regular pack R
  • Claw and Knuckle C K
  • Claw, Knuckle and Legs C K L
  • Minced meat
Lobster meat for industrials and food service

Cooked and frozen in 2 lb 907g bags or trays

  • Claw and Knuckle meat C K
  • Claw, Knuckle and Legs meat C K L
  • Tail, Claw and Knuckle meat T C K
  • Tail and Claw meat T C
  • All Knuckle meat K
  • All Claw meat C
  • All Leg meat L
  • All Tail meat T
  • Various combination of broken meat – C K B, Broken knuckle

All cooked and frozen in 4 kg bags:

  • Diced Claw and Leg meat
  • Knuckle and Leg meat
  • Lobster Salad meat
  • Lobster Minced meat



The Rock Crab is found in the waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence and the North West Atlantic.

Rock Crab lean and tasty meat is ideally suitable for a variety of preparations such as appetizers, crab cakes, chowders, in crêpes, and superb on top of a pizza or in seafood pastas.

The crab is steamed cooked and the meat is hand-picked from the shell, then packed and frozen in clear vacuum sealed pouches of 2 lb 907g or in a flat pillow bag pack of 8.8 lb 4 kg.

It comes in various combinations:

  • 40% salad meat, 60% leg and claw meat
  • 60% salad meat, 40% leg and claw meat
  • 80% salad meat, 20% leg and claw meat
  • 100% salad meat
  • Minced rock crab meat



Sogelco is also specialized in providing Jonah crab, King crab, Snow crab, etc…




We can provide you with a wide range of fish produced by us or for us with our many partners all over the globe.

  • Fillets
  • Portions
  • All types of cuts on demand
  • All ground fish such as
    • Cod,
    • Hake,
    • Haddock,
    • Turbot,
    • etc…
  • All salmon products,
    • Atlantic Salmon
    • Pacific Salmon

  • Pelagic fish :
    • Mackerel,
    • Herring,
    • Smelts,
    • Monkfish
  • And also
    • Dogfish
    • Skate wings
    • Capelin


Lobsterine™ forté

Lobsterine™ forté

Lobsterine™ forte

Our best innovation for food service


The Lobsterine™ Forté is the perfect product for caterers, cruise lines and restaurants that want to offer a choice of lobster dishes on their menus. This ready-made product allows every chef to craft unique and delicious lobster base recipes in no time at all! Made only from natural products (no MSG, no flavors or colors added), the Lobsterine™ Forté also offers an exceptional nutritional profile.

Available in pods of 4 oz., the Lobsterine™ Forté is the ideal way to control your costs and your portions. No food or money wasted anymore! Chefs can now easily and consistently produce their original recipes. Taste it, like it and imagine your next recipe! Don’t forget to send it to us.



One pod of Lobsterine™ Forté and 3 oz of water gives a tasty and unique bisque! You can even finish it with your favorite spices or alcohol.

Lobster sauce

Just add 2 oz of light cream and 1 oz of water to get the perfect lobster sauce with one pod of Lobsterine™ Forté. Drizzle it on a white fish to boost the flavors.

Lobster quiche

Mix a pod of Lobsterine™ Forté with your quiche mix to get the perfect lobster quiche.

Lobster cakes

Lobsterine™ Forté can be easily blend into your cake recipe and obtain the best lobster cakes. Just fry it and offer it to your customers.